Baba Ghanoush – eggplant, garlic, yogurt 4
English Pea Hummus – tahini, serrano chilis, cilantro 4
Muhammara – walnut, pomegranate molasses, olive oil 4
Trio of Dips with Wood-Fired Flat Bread
baba ghanoush, english pea hummus, muhammara 10
Wood-Fired Flat Bread 3

Chilled White Gazpacho
almond, cucumber, paprika 6
Cauliflower Salad
tahini vinaigrette, almond, fresh mint,
chickpea 9
Willie Greens Spring Mix Salad
sea bean, cucumber, cumin vinaigrette 9
Grilled Halloumi Cheese
wild watercress, walnut, cherry 10

small plates
Marinated Mixed Olives 3
Pan Roasted Padron Peppers
fleur de sel, lime zest, roasted garlic aioli 9
Almond Stuffed Dates
almond, chives, alepo 8
Tuna Kefta
arugula, mama lil’s aioli, sundried tomato 10
Seared Broccoli di Cicco
padron, aleppo, labneh 10
Taylor Shellfish Farms wood fired Clams
thyme, spring onion, pickled bell pepper 10
Za’atar Spiced French Fries
sumac, beef fat, harissa aioli 6
Fire & Honey Chicken Wings
harissa-ginger sauce, lime zest, peanut 9
Crispy Spanakopita
baby spinach, feta, phyllo, tzatziki 10
Herbed Falafel
fava bean, cabbage slaw, tzatziki 11
Bulgur-Lamb Meatballs
baba ghanoush, pine nut, date puree 12

wood-fired pizza
Wild Roasted Mushroom
smoked cauliflower puree, kasseri cheese,
arugula 16
Slow Braised Pork Shank
grilled apple, green garlic, caramelized onion, mozzarella 17
Smoked Pulled Chicken
stinging nettle, cherry, white cheddar 17

large plates
Pan Seared Halibut*
charred tomato puree, castelvetrano olive, almond, couscous 26
Seafood Tagine*
clam, halibut, harissa couscous 27
Savory Chickpea & Lemon Stew
spinach, walnut, almond, yogurt, crouton 17
Add Lamb Sausage 3.50
Pan Seared Chicken Breast
english pea, grilled spring onion, toasted barley 24
Skagit River Ranch Chuck Eye Steak*
potato salad, spinach, cumin 28
Skagit River Ranch Beef Burger*
tomato-garlic sauce, gruyere, pickled serrano chile, fries 15

Food Items that are underlined may contain an ingredient that is not certified organic.  There is no organic certification for “wild” foods

*Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of food borne illness.