Baba Ghanoush  - eggplant, garlic, yogurt   4

English Pea  Hummus – garlic, tahini,

mint   4

Muhammara – walnut, pomegranate molasses, olive oil    4

Trio of Dips with Wood-Fired Flat Bread

baba ghanoush, pea hummus, muhammara    12

House Made Wood-Fired Flat Bread    3



Roasted Summer Squash Soup

parsley oil, crispy chickpeas, basil   8

Cauliflower Salad

tahini vinaigrette, chickpea, almond    11

Baby Spinach Cucumber Salad

whipped goat cheese, seasonal melon, poppy seed vinaigrette  11

Grilled Halloumi Cheese

tahini, pickled sweet pepper, caramelized romaine  13


small plates

Marinated Mixed Olives   6

Cured St. Jude Tuna Crostini  12

green garlic aioli, arugula, crispy capers

Wood-fired Mussels and Clams

blistered cherry tomato, padron pepper,

chorizo   14

Crispy Moroccan Shrimp Roll

savoy cabbage, brix dough,

spicy pepper puree  14

Hand Rolled Spanakopita

baby spinach, feta, phyllo, tzatziki   11

Herbed Falafel

fava bean, cabbage slaw, tahini   12

Bulgur-Lamb Meatballs

baba ghanoush, pine nut, date puree  14

Fire & Honey Chicken Wings

harissa-ginger sauce, lime zest, peanut   13












turkish style pizza

Foraged & Found Roasted Mushroom

grilled spring onion puree, feta, medjool date  16

Uli Lamb Sausage

red pepper puree, carmelized onion, mozzarella,
arugula  18

Summer Vegetable   

ratatouille, kasseri cheese, mama lils peppers  17



large plates

Spiced Rubbed Loki Sockeye Salmon

pickled apricot, padron pepper, jasmine rice   27

Seafood Risotto

pork belly, saffron broth, shrimp 26

Braised Chickpea & Lemon Stew

spinach, walnut, almond, yogurt, crouton   17

Add Lamb Sausage  3.50
Duqqa Crusted Chicken Breast

sweet corn, alvarez peppers, confit morel  26
Skagit River Ranch Beef Burger*

smoked labneh, bbq sauce, cucumber salad, fries   17



Za’atar Spiced French Fries

sumac, beef fat, harissa aioli   6

Wood-Fired Alvarez Farms Green Bean Loubia

feta, crispy shallots, tomato  10